Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Upcoming theatres for my leisures...

I just got back from climbing the Gunung Angsi yesterday and it was fun yet tiring. So, on 29th and 30th, I will spend some time to watch these two local Malay theatres for relaxation and enjoyment. Mahsuri will be shown tonight at Istana Budaya and Patung Kertas 2 will be shown tomorrow night at Malaysian Tourism Centre (MTC). I'm looking forward to watch these theatres since the early month of April because I'm a big theatre buff. Besides, on the day of EDU3216 (Poetry) exam day, Pn. Juridah gave me an assignment for the Theatre in TESL course next sem that I need to watch a theatre and write a review about it. So, watching these theatres would definitely help me to complete the assignment since in my hometown, there is rarely a theatre being shown. I will post my review of these theatres after I got back to my hometown later. So, I hope my journey for watching these theatres would be smooth and safe. Wish me luck! =]

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  1. Wow, what you've learn is way beyond what we are doing now.