Monday, April 13, 2009

A Moment Like This

On 30th March, I had the moment of truth- meeting the renowned writer, Mr. Kee Thuan Chye. I was really looking forward to meet him after I’ve learned his play entitled The Swordfish, and the Concubine. Apart from that, I’ve also heard good things about him as a writer and that made me even more eager to meet him face to face and share his experiences. Even though the meeting slot was held for about 2 hours only, but then I really enjoyed listening to his wonderful yet funny speech and his speech gave great impact on me as a literature student/lover.

He started off his speech by telling us his family background. He was born in a rather poor family in Penang. He went to school bringing only a few cents. But the funny part is, he said he managed to get in love with his female schoolmate who was older than him. That was really funny. He strived hard during schooling and managed to pursue a degree of journalism at Universiti Malaya. He also shared his experience of having an argument with the VC for doing something fallacy which actually he didn’t do. I feel sorry for him. Then, he was offered to work as a writer in a local newspaper, released a few articles, but then had to quit when the publisher gone bankrupt. Then he continued his dream of being a writer and successfully released great stage plays such as Oh, But I Don’t Want to Go, Oh, But I Have To, Eyeballs, Leper and a Very Dead Spider, We Could **** You, Mr Birch, 1984 Here and Now, The Big Purge and the latest one, The Swordfish, Then the Concubine. Later in his speech, he talked about the current turmoil in the local politics in Malaysia. His point of view on local politics really changed my view on how I perceive politics and I really respect him for that. Actually, politics is not my cup of coffee but after listening to his speech, I think I need to pay a serious attention towards politics so that I can be a true Malaysian just like him. The Q&A session was also meaningful when a few of my twinning TESLians asked him questions about politics and his experiences as a playwright and actor. His judgments really gave me a lot of insight and changed the way I see and perceive the world of politics and theatre. He also didn’t forget to inform us about his upcoming appearances in local TV and cinema. Lastly, he talked about his play, The Swordfish, Then the Concubine. We were surprised when he told that he revised the play numerous times and now he’s in the process of finishing the newest version. We asked a few questions regarding the play and it was amazing to hear the answers from the writer himself.

I think Kee Thuan Chye is a great writer and those who want to be a successful writer should have him as their role model for his great determination and courage. His talent and way of thinking is astonishing and I hope he will be more successful in the future. I would like to thank Dr. Edwin for the effort of bringing him to UPM to share his experiences with us. My 2 hours spent with him was really worthy and delightful. A moment like this would remain unforgettable in my mind now and forever. Thank you to both of you!

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