Monday, April 13, 2009


On 10th April, I had to submit the final draft of my play entitled Brotherhood to my tutor, Miss Kasthoori. The final draft is nothing different that the 1st and 2nd draft because I only edited the stage directions and nothing much. When I was told that I need to write a 15 minutes drama script during the first class with Dr. Edwin, I was kind of worried because I had never attempted to write a script before and I’m lousy at writing. But after I read the drama scripts we need to read and analyse in this course such as The Ring Doesn’t Fit, The Ring, and Selfish Mr. Pederson, I felt excited to write my own drama script which I think should be fun and enjoyable for my lesson. When Dr. Edwin asked us to write a 15 minutes drama script (one-act play) for mature secondary level students and involve not more than 5 characters, I had difficulties thinking of the storyline, setting, and characters because I thought a play would be more interesting if there are that 5 characters. After like a week of generating ideas on what my play would be about, I came up with the idea of writing a play about siblings’ rivalry and I titled it Brotherhood. I didn’t have a partner to assist me so I had to produce it all by myself.

This 15 minutes play revolves around the story of two young brothers named Jamal and Jamil, whose relationship is good at the beginning but then turns out to be clashing when their father, Johan, dies due to a car accident. The conflict between the siblings occurs when they quarrel over their father’s will. At the end, the brothers realize that their rivalry should not have happened because they are brothers and they need to rely on each others to continue their lives. The reason I came up with this story for my play is because the characters are in their early 20’s and students may find it enjoyable and they can actually feel empathy towards the characters. Apart from that, the storyline is also relevant to the current situation in our society today when most siblings have the tendency of quarrelling with each others to attain their parents’ possessions when their parents passed away.

I think students would not find the play boring because the plot is simple and the script is lucid. If I were given the chance to teach this play in my lesson, I would be looking forward to do so because there are many moral values that I can instill into my students from this play such as the importance of sibling relationship and the need to avoid greediness. As a conclusion, writing a drama script serves as an enjoyable experience to me because it allows me to be a creative writer. I’m looking forward to write a few more drama scripts during the semester break and hope to have my own collection of drama scripts. Wish me luck~! =)

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